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I think you can chose among three paths when it comes to your career.

There was always a fascination with darkness. With intensifying feelings from dusk till utter darkness. A thought crossed my mind today. A potential explanation for this fascination. Perhaps not every fascination can be explained, but probably most can be.

Darkness is when my inner world is most in touch with…

There are some concepts that I use very often. Concepts that are common knowledge but had to click with me first and ever since have been incredibly helpful with processing the world around us. This will be WIP and containing only the ones I find most helpful.

Merwart — The Nihilist (1882)

If you keep on asking “why” for long enough, eventually you will arrive at the conclusion that our existence is meaningless. Believe me when I say I’ve tried to find an alternate conclusion that is based on scientific facts, at least the ones known to us so far.

Once you’ve…


putting thoughts into words helps me process

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